John-Paul A. Mackie, H.I.S.

As the resident Hearing Instrument Specialist at The Mackie Clinic, John Paul Mackie can help diagnose your hearing issues as well as provide great fitting hearing aids you’re going to love to use.

His patients have told the clinic that they appreciate how at ease and comfortable they are talking to him. As a life long Valley resident and father, his patients love catching up with him as he helps them with their hearing loss. But not everyone knows is that John Paul Mackie won the Junior College World Series in 2006.

John Paul Mackie is passionate about providing excellent care to his Ear Nose and Throat and Hearing Aids patients. If The Mackie Clinic can help you with your hearing loss or ENT issues, contact us to get help from John Paul Mackie.

We ask our Patients to wait in their Vehicles and Call Us when they have arrived for their appointment.

Thanks so much for understanding and for your cooperation. We look forward to continuing your care.

Sincerely, The Mackie Clinic